Our Telegram Blend has been created with Kamrann Nowduschani of Leftfield Coffee Roasters. Kamrann has been our friend for over a decade and we have worked together to design a blend that creates something very special. We wanted a bespoke blend that is roasted locally, with a focus on sourcing the highest quality, seasonally available coffees. We hope you enjoy!


Colombia - Narino Morales: by Espresso LoSurdo, Micro-Roasters. Process: Washed. Varietals: Castillo, Caturra. Profile: Milk chocolate, dark fruits, lemonade.


Colombia - Pitalito, Huila: Producer: Carlos Guamanga. Process: Washed. Varietal: Castillo. Profile: Dried Apricot, Blackberry, Confectionery.


We use a decaf coffee roasted for us by Leftfield Coffee Roasters, which has been roasted to a profile which offers a depth of flavour as close as possible to our Telegram Blend.