Our Telegram Blend has been created with Kamrann Nowduschani of Leftfield Coffee Roasters. Kamrann has been our friend for over a decade and we have worked together to design a blend that creates something very special. We wanted a bespoke blend that is roasted locally, with a focus on sourcing the highest quality, seasonally available coffees. We hope you enjoy!


By Proud Mary Coffee.
Country- Brazil
Farm- Grota Funda
Region- Carmo de Minas
Elevation- 1100-1400 masl
Varietal- Yellow Bourbon
Process- Pulped Natural
Notes- Grape, Peach, Green Apple, Honey
Grota Funda was acquired by Glaucio Carniero Pinto in 1992 and the coffee plantations were established soon after the acquisition.
Coffee is harvested when the fruit is ripe, the cherries are spread out in thin layers on terraces for drying, always being moved until they reach a desirable percentage of moisture, then stored in bins to rest.
The property is located approximately 5km from the town of Carmo de Minas between the hills and mountains of Mantiqueira.


By Proud Mary Coffee
Country- Brazil
Farm- Sitio Barba do Bode and Sitio Colina
Region- Pocos de Caldas
Variety- Icatu
Process- Natural
Notes- Maple Syrup, Stewed Peaches and Raisin.
Luis and Carlos Beraldo are brothers that own the operation of two farms which are Sitio Barba do Bode and Sitio Colina, located in the region of Pocos de Caldas.
The farm sits at an elevation of 1398 masl.
The property was used to raise cattle, being all pasture.
They only began planting coffee as an initiative of Maria Luisa's family- owners of Sitio Barba do Bode. Luis Adilson bought the part which belonged to Maria Luisa's sister to plant coffee as well, creating Sitio Colina.
Carlos and Luis share there patio doing the processing together


We use a decaf coffee roasted for us by Leftfield Coffee Roasters, which has been roasted to a profile which offers a depth of flavour as close as possible to our Telegram Blend.